Pet Service

Our pet minding representative will come to your house to meet you and your pet for a no-cost, obligation free preliminary consultation where we will run through all your pet minding needs.

At each pet minding visit we will feed, water and play with your pets as well as daily litter box cleans. We can also administer medication, scoop the poop, send you a text or email to let you know how we are getting along!

Our pet minding representative can also (if required) check your mail, take yours bins out, water your plants and turns lights off & on.

Watering & Bins Service

Should you not have pets and just want your plants watered or the bin out, we are able to carry out those chores for you, so when you arrive home your plants are still alive & bins clean.

Our Rates

Our full list of A1 Pet Minding rates & optional extras.

Pet Minding Rates

 Introductory in-home meeting  Complimentary
 Second introductory in-home meeting (optional)  $ 15.00
 30 minute first visit for up to 2 pets  $ 35.00
 30 minute second (same day) visit for up to 2 pets (optional)  $ 20.00
 Additional charge for each extra pet  $ 5.00
 15 minute walk, per dog (optional)  $ 5.00
 30 minute walk, per dog (optional)  $ 10.00
 Scoop poop in yard & cleaning litter trays Complimentary
 Key collection or drop off (separate to introductory meeting) $ 15.00
 The following rates only apply when using our pet minding service
 Take bins out with visit (optional) Complimentary
 Water plants with visit (optional) Complimentary
 Mail collection from residential address (optional) Complimentary
 Lights on & off (optional) Complimentary

 Plant Watering and Bins Out Rates

 Introductory in-home meeting Complimentary
 Per 30 minute visit  $ 35.00
 Key collection or drop off (separate to introductory meeting)  $ 15.00